31 Shadiest Scams Restaurants Thought They Could Get Away With

Keep your eyes peeled for scammers, people. They’re everywhere.

We don’t know what we ever did to deserve being scammed, but some us have fallen into some pretty hilarious restaurant traps. Whether you’ve been underserved, overcharged, or left feeling downright duped, we feel your pain. We scoured Reddit looking for the shadiest of restaurant scams, and honestly, we don’t know how some institutions have gotten away with this stuff.

From poor signage to incredibly questionable house rules, some of these restaurant scams are so bad they’re actually funny.

In fact, we have to give credit to some of these places for even thinking of these bizarre rules and regulations in the first place.

Luckily, many who have been blinded with restaurant scam rage took a minute out of their tirade to snap and pic and post the absurdity to Reddit. The restaurant trap rabbit hole is a deep one, so if you have the time, definitely scroll through some of the comments left on these posts. The entire story will get funnier and even more aggravating.

1. If you like your fries with a side of disappointment.

Pardon, but there seems to be a balled up piece of paper underneath my six French fries? Oh, that’s supposed to be there? Oh…um…

2. Something isn’t adding up.

We were never the brightest in our math class.

However, we sense something is amiss with the suggestive tips.

3. It finally sucks to be a man!

Okay, ladies. New rule: all men must pay an additional $2.00 to do anything.

4. When you definitely don’t get what you pay for.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to put the salt and pepper in smaller containers?

Why go through the extra effort to pull the wool over our eyes?

5. This fine print is soooo shady.

Do our eyes deceive us? Or is this restaurant deceiving us?

6. What is this, a hotel mini bar?

No. Just tap water. No, please — just tap water.

7. Is that…is that guilt floating in our soda cup?

The use of “survive” here is wigging us out.

If it wasn’t for us…we don’t even want to know what would happen.

8. Um, we are not blind.

Plus, they’re both called Ji Ji Mi. We have a strange feeling there is actually no difference between the pancakes in the picture nor in real life.

9. Sir, this is just a head of lettuce. Sir? Sir!

Do they expect us to just pick those things up and dip them into that dressing?

Because that’s exactly how we would eat this, just to spite them.

10. This is either evil or genius. We’re not yet sure.

Honestly, kudos. This B-rated restaurant deserves an A for effort.

11. There are only three tipping options in this world: 20%, 25%, or 99%.

No offense, but we feel…attacked.

12. Straws bad. Plastic cutlery good.

The people in charge *must* see the irony in this sign.

They must!

13. Why? Just…why?

At the monthly staff meeting:

“Hey gang, I have an idea. Let’s make life harder for our customers.”

14. The old same size, different plate trick.

It wasn’t love, it wasn’t love. It was a perfect illusion (perfect illusion).

15. And the old same size, different glass trick.

It was a perfect illusion. Somewhere in all the confusion.

16. Trippy, dude.

Our senses would be boggled.

And then we would be mad.

17. No, no, no, no!

That feeling of panic is so tangible.

It’s sadly something we’ve all experienced.

18. Now, wait a minute —

Okay, we agree that this is frustrating.

However, on the flip side, who brings a measuring utensil with them to a Subway?

19. When they give you the calorie count but not the price.

What is the price of this one? And also this one? And also this one?

20. Did the fortune come true, or…?

Sad. Just…sad.

21. A good case of false advertising.

This week on Kitchen Nightmares…

22. Now you see it, now you don’t: Reversed

Shady AF.

And also, where do you get off charging $6 for water?

23. You thought you were smart, huh?

We see what you’re trying to do there by ordering “no ice.” We won’t stand for it.

24. Enjoy your “garden salad.”

It’s made with the best iceberg lettuce. And the finest of shredded carrots. So…enjoy!

25. How to properly upset the entire internet.

Sure, they look the same. But they are definitely not of the same candy species. And don’t think you can hide, jelly beans. We see you.

26. How do you install AdBlocker on a fortune cookie?

If you’re going to do someone dirty like that, at least give them a coupon. Agreed?

27. When you’re better off staying home…

Kraft Singles should *never* be melted onto tortilla chips, especially in a restaurant setting. Did they even bother taking the plastic off?

28. Is there cheese, or not?

We guess the only way to find out is to send your lactose intolerant friend in there and see what happens.

Sorry, pal.

29. When the restaurant wants you to “chew and screw.”

Looks like you’re kind of done. Want the check? Here, take the check.

Please, take the check!

30. The lowest of all lows.

Are you trying to make us cry?

What’s your end game, restaurant?

31. You…want me to pay money for this?

This is a joke, right? It’s not funny, but this has to be a joke. Right?!

If you have evidence of a restaurant scam you’ve witnessed, please share.

They’re so bad, yet so good.