4 Main Tourist Attractions That Will Elevate Your Family Vacation Without Going Off Budget

Planning your summer vacation is never easy, especially if you’re traveling with family. Everyone has their own wishlist to cross off and the budget is always a little bit limiting. In preparation for the upcoming vacation season, we’ve decided to take a close look at the main attractions every major tourist-oriented city is advertising, and pick the absolute best experiences that won’t hurt your shopping budget.

1. Bus Tour of the City – Sightseeing + Resting 

Yes, we know what it looks like. It is indeed a tourist trap, but hang on, did you really think it through? What better way is there to see most of the major landmarks of every city in just a few hours?

A bus tour gives you a good look at the city with minimal back pain and keeps you rested and sweat-free. After the tour, you could go back to the places that sparked interest and skip the rest.

2. Get Wet

Honestly, this has always been the most beloved family activity. You can hit the beach, go on a boat ride or even have a quick swim at the lake. This is one family activity that is always satisfying and can save you a lot of money before the ‘back-to-school’ season starts. 

3. Hiking

Hiking has always been a popular family activity, but now, you can explore new places together for the first time. Give your kids a map and guide them through the trail, pack a few snacks and have a picnic at a beautiful spot. This activity combines the outdoors, precious family bonding time, and costs practically nothing.  

4. Museum Time

It’s 2019, Museums are not what they used to be. Instead of sweating your socks off at some plaza, you could walk around a huge air-conditioned building and explore a different aspect of traveling – culture. And it doesn’t have to be boring either. These days there are incredible sports museums, comics museums, and even science museums that will actually keep your kids entertained and leave you free to take a nap at the parents’ lounge.