Hold Your Life Together With These 6 Slick Bobby Pin Hacks!

Posted on December 28, 2017

Bobby pins are for more than just keeping your hair kept in that messy bun. Make your life easier with these 6 bobby pin hacks!

Toothpaste saver

Get more bang for your buck and don't leave any toothpaste behind with this clever hack.

Materials needed:

  • bobby pin
  • toothpaste that's been horribly crumpled trying to get that last bit of toothpaste out

Hammer time!

Save those thumbs! No more accidentally bruised and pinched thumbs with this hack.

Materials needed:

Materials (not) needed:

  • bruised thumbs

Sweater snag

Snag your favorite knit sweater? Make that annoying string disappear with this quick hack!

Materials needed:

  • bobby pin
  • that knit sweater you literally just bought and then immediately got snagged on a bra hook while doing laundry

Bobby pin strip

Ever start the week with a fresh pack of 50+ bobby pins and find yourself with 2 come Friday? Well, no more with this hack!

Materials needed:

Bobby pin turned statement necklace

Make a statement necklace in a pinch and on a budget with this hack!

Materials needed:

Easy cat eye

This hack is here for those of us who weren't gifted by the beauty gods with the ability to draw lines with liquid eyeliner.

Materials needed: