7 Home Repair Hacks

Posted on January 19, 2018

No need to call Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor for these home repair problems. Feel like you could host your own HGTV show with these 7 home repair hacks!

Shattered Light Bulb

Safely unscrew that shattered light bulb and keep the glass out of your hands.

Materials needed:

Clogged Sink

Here's a cheap and easy plunger for your bathroom sink.

Materials needed:

Easy Mount Power Strip

No more guessing the spacing when it comes to mounting things on your walls!

Materials needed:

Tight screw?

Tired of tearing up your hands trying to get that stuck screwdriver to budge? Use less force (and save your hands) with this clever hack.

Materials needed:

Loose Cupboard Handle

Worn too big of a hole in the door of your cupboard?

Materials needed:

Unplugged Power Cord

Sick of tripping over that power cord and unplugging it?

Materials needed:

Crooked Photo Frame

Never face the headache of trying to hang a photo frame straight on your wall ever again!

Materials needed: