7 Life-Saving Household Hacks to Help Get Your Home (and Life) Together

Posted on December 31, 2017

Here are 7 simple and easy life-saving household hacks to help with those annoying problems around the house.

Armpit stain remover

It's inevitable that all of your white shirts or tank tops will turn yellow near your armpits. Give your white shirts a new lease on life with this shirt saving hack!

Materials needed:

  • aspirin (crushed)
  • a white shirt that's betrayed you and shows everyone how much you sweat

Dirty pan cleaner

The holidays are over and you probably have a few dirty pots and pans lying around that you've scrubbed and scrubbed trying to clean. Save your biceps (unless you skipped arm day) with this DIY pot & pan cleaner.

Materials needed:

Mysterious mattress stain remover

If you're like me and you've inherited a mattress from someone in the family then you've probably seen the mysterious 20+ years stains when you remove that fitted sheet at laundry time. Stains begone with this DIY stain remover!

Materials needed:

Shrunken sweater

The best time to wear a striped sweater? When it actually fits you. Reverse those shrunken sweaters with this hack!

Materials needed:

Flattened toothbrush

Do you brush your teeth like an animal? Bring some life back to your toothbrush (and maybe don't brush so hard) with this rejuvenating hack.

Materials needed:

  • horribly worn down toothbrush
  • boiling water

Easy plastic package opener

Did you buy a pair of scissors only to find out you need that pair of scissors to open the package they came in? No more wrestling with (and potentially slicing your skin) trying to get those crazy plastic packages open with this clever hack!

Materials needed:

  • that plastic package that's more difficult to get into than Fort Knox
  • can opener

Leather Rejuvenator

Didn't spring the extra money for the leather-saving spray when you bought that new pair of boots? Save some money (and your shoes) with this hack!

Materials needed: