New Year, New You. 8 Clever Hacks to Start the Year Off Right

Posted on December 30, 2017

Start the new year off right with these 8 clever hacks to use around the house!

Bubbly champagne

The magic of raisins!

Materials needed:

Equal slices

No more kids fighting over who got the bigger slice!

Materials needed:

Stackable microwave

Be more efficient with your microwave with this hack!

Materials needed:

  • microwave-safe mug or glass

Ripeness test

There's no worse feeling than when you cut into an over-ripe avocado.

Materials needed:

Taco boats

Perfect sized taco boats every time!

Materials needed:

Takeout noodles woes

You won't be dropping your takeout noodles anymore with this simple hack!

Materials needed:

Easily peeled ginger

No more fuss with peeling ginger!

Materials needed:

Squeezable lemon

When life gives you lemons...

Materials needed: