Rachel Behlmann

When Adulting is Just Too Much Sometimes

Posted on October 27, 2017

Who ever said being an adult was easy? Remember when all you wanted to do was grow up? Well. Congrats. You made it. You have now realized that being a grown-up is no picnic and wish you could just be a kid again. We get it.

No responsibilities, the energy to stay up all night, not having to worry about bills, no care in the world about politics. Man, kids are living the life. Here's to those days when we all just can't handle being an adult.

Everything's fine. I'm not crying. You're crying.

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We don't bounce back like we used to.


Why do I fall for your tricks every time, Susan?


When you finally agree with one of Rory's decisions.


Here's a secret: no one knows what to do anymore.

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What? Maintaining the bubbles to water ratio is hard work. Don't even get me started on having enough wine in the house.

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I only went to the mall twice and had fast food for dinner every night.

Get your filthy paws away from noodles, Christine.

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Always an interesting night at Aunt Tilly's house.

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When this was the only thing that ever really mattered in the world.

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