Are You Ready For The Latest 90’s Trend To Come Back Into Our Lives?

Trends. We love them, then we hate them, then we love them again. What is it about them that keeps us coming back for more? Is it the style that we love? The nostalgic vibe? or is it the fact that our mom’s closet is full with gorgeous outfits and accessories we’re just dying to adopt and wear ourselves? The truth is probably the latter, because there is no other way to describe the newest trend to come back from the fashion grave – the padded headbands. 

Yes, you’ve read it right. Padded headbands are making a huge comeback this season, sending millions of daughters to go through their mother’s closet in hopes of finding a vintage piece that doesn’t have purple flowers on it. 

As you might know, headbands have been a popular fashion accessory for hundreds of years, and we’ve just recently moved on from them, so why the comeback? 

You should probably refer that question to leading style influencers like Pippa Middleton, Lele Sadoughi and Marni Danielle, who have sported the newest version of the classic headband on numerous occasions. To be honest, they all look incredibly beautiful wearing them, so there might be some truth to the revival. 

Honestly, there could be a worst trends to bring back, but that doesn’t mean we’re all gonna pull a Blair Waldorf every day of the week. Well, maybe just during weekends and after work happy hours.