Susan Murray

Susan Murray is the Editor and Director of Content for Ever&Ivy.

Susan started her career at a branding house in Madrid, Spain many moons ago. Hustling copy and pushing television marketing around the globe made her realize her true passion was in T.V. production, until she worked in T.V. production and quickly realized she may have been misguided. She took a hiatus from creative work because she really yearned to fill out reports and make a bunch of cash but she couldn’t stop listening to the voice(es) in her head and decided she was just fooling herself, Susan wasn’t fulfilled.

Following her heart and her lack of love of money, she busted back into the creative copy world, only this time in LA. After she had a child, she decided that she was a parenting expert and she and her two writer friends created Mommy Dearest Inc. An international mommy blog and social media sensation. It’s still taking the world by storm and can’t be stopped.

She now houses up her eccentric love for the written word here at Ever&Ivy. Yay for her for getting to do an awesome job! Everyone should be jealous in a healthy and self-motivating way! When she’s not buried in a screen, inventing new ways to inspire youngsters or having the Ever&Ivy team school her in current slang such as “lit”, “shook”, “ranky” and “ratchet”, she can be found being ridiculously silly with her gregarious 6 yr old beauty.

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