Celine Dion Just Reclaimed The Term ‘Style Icon’, And We Are Here For It

Although the 2019 Fashion Week extravaganza is over and done, the biggest surprise to come out of it is still going strong. When we saw Celine Dion’s name on the attending lists, we figured we’ll get a few modern dresses out of her. Some clean lines, white fabrics and maybe a touch of gold. 

Instead, we got a full style guru that pushes the term ‘fashion’ into a whole new place, with crazy, new and inventive outfits that just scream ‘you need this icon in your life’. 

We’ve been converted. Fully. We are now the Celinette or whatever nickname her fans picked out for themselves (we should probably check it out now that we’re true believers).

When you look at the new dresses she chose to wear, you discover an interesting picture. There she is, a not so familiar style icon, wearing the most thought provoking and mesmerizing dresses we’ve seen in years. 

It looks like taking the girl out of Vegas for the first time in years has done some good, and her fashion choices were never better. 

From Dutch designer Ronald Van Der Kemp to Schiaparelli, Vauthier and Iris Van Herpen, Celine Dion never looked so stunning. 

This is how you push the fashion world forward ladies, without compromising or feeling you’re not relevant anymore. We’re always relevant. We are always stunning. No matter the age, budget or personal fears. Just add some thought into your outfit and you’re halfway there. #BeCeline. Amen.