Everything You Need To Know About Cooking With Youngsters

Cooking with kids can be extremely messy and cause more problems than anticipated, but it doesn’t have to be. Cooking together can be a daily routine that would become both fun and productive. All you need to do in order to avoid the chaos is to think a little harder and anticipate the unexpected (to an extent).

Rule #1 For Cooking With Children – Make It Simple

Don’t start with pastries and complicated desserts. First, get your kids comfortable in the kitchen. Show them all the appliances you’re going to use and teach them how to properly hold and use them. Start with a kid friendly apple peeler and get them working on their own. Next you could show them how to sift flour, measure sugar, and even working the dough. Just make sure you keep them away from eggs and other messy foods. 

Rule #2 For Cooking With Children – Prep Is Perfection 

The best help you could get while cooking is having someone do all the prep work. . Sure, your kids are no professional sous-chefs, but they can peel a potato like a pro. Get them working on the easy tasks in the kitchen, and keep them entertained with a light and funny conversation. 

Rule #3 For Cooking With Children – Use A Step Ladder 

This one is pretty basic. Your kids wouldn’t want to stay in the kitchen if they can’t see you working as well. Get a little step ladder to make sure they can see how you work as well, and maybe get them inspired to do the same? (crazier things have happened).