Re-Purpose With A Purpose: 7 Clever Fashion Hacks You Need to Try

Posted on November 02, 2017

Grab your old clothes and cool thrift store finds and repurpose them into fun new styles with these 6 fashion hacks!

Leggings to Tank Top

What to do with the 16 pair of leggings you have? Turn some of them into cute tank tops!

Materials needed:

Thrifty Jacket to Skirt

Had to take advantage of that $2 deal on a jacket you have no actual need for? Turn it into a fun skirt!

Materials needed:

Scarf to Swim Cover Up

No cutting or sewing required! Grab a good sized scarf and twist it into a swimsuit cover up to take with you on your next beach day.

Materials needed:

  • scarf of your choice

Scarf to Cardigan

Grab a fun patterned scarf and fashion it into a cardigan to upgrade your look with just a few twists and knots.

Materials needed:

  • large scarf of your choice

Button Up to Strapless Dress

Grab a large button up shirt and with a few clever twists and ties you've got yourself a fun, casual dress.

Materials needed:

  • large button up shirt

Jeans to Overalls

Overalls are back! Here's a fun take on the look.

Materials needed: