Faux-Fur Is On It’s Way To Become The Summer’s Biggest Trend

Unlike everything you’d expect from the 2019 summer season, faux fur is becoming the biggest trend among young influencers. Apparently, something about the extreme heat and humidity just screams faux fur. 

From bathing suits to handbags and even shoes, faux fur is becoming more and more dominant in the market. 

A short review of social media will find big names like Sam Smith, Lizzo, and Kali Uchis all display fascinating faux fur looks.

If you look at the trend closely, you’ll see that it’s quite adaptable and fun to play with. Because the material itself is fake, it doesn’t have to be as warm as real fur, and from a designer’s perspective, it is quite intriguing. 

We’ve grown accustomed to seeing the same colors every summer season, with similar cuts and fabrics. Now, with technology on our side, designers are more open to new possibilities that they couldn’t have imagined even a few years ago. When you think of it, it’s actually kind of exciting. If you look at this trend with your fashion forward glasses, you’ll see that it’s just one of the new world-bending trends that are coming our way. 

More and more designers are open to work with fabrics and materials that were either taboo or non existent before, and that means we’ll get to play with more new ideas in the years to come.