Wrap Your Head Around These 7 Genius Gift Wrapping Ideas!

Posted on December 16, 2017

Wrap your gifts with extra love and get creative! Check out these 7 wrapping techniques for the holidays.

Champagne Wrap

Just take two complimentary sheets of gift wrap and voila!

Materials needed:

  • 2 gift wraps of your choice
  • tape

No Tape Wrap

No tape? No problem! Just follow these easy folds (and tuck) and you're good to go!

Materials needed:

  • gift wrap
  • your gift (duh)

Pretty Mug Wrap

Easy and cost effective! Perfect for your tea and coffee lover friends!

Materials needed:

Pineapple Disguised Bottle

Never judge a book by its cover. Double the delight with this wrapping technique!

Materials needed:

Pop Up Money Card

Make it a little more fun with this trick!

Materials needed:

Wine Wrap

Wine is just the gift of giving so here's another technique!

Materials needed:

Pretty Paper Wrap

They look like giant candies kinda??? Regardless, super cute and super easy!

Materials needed:

  • two tissue papers of your choice
  • ribbon
  • gift tag