Kim Kardashian’s New Makeup Is Grandma Tested

Are you ready for the newest product from house Kardashian? 

In a recent interview to a popular fashion magazine, Kardashian talked about her love for body makeup. Apparently, the makeup industry has moved past face-only products and is now focused on different types of products designed for various body parts and skin textures. 

The latest product Kim K swears by is the new body makeup collection by the Kardashian. Why is Kim feeling so passionately about the new products? Well, apparently, they work better than any other product on the market, just ask Kim’s grandmother MJ. In a recent family visit, Kim and her daughter North showed MJ the new products, and she was so excited, she asked them to use it on her hands. The result is shown here. 

The three generations visit moved Kim’s social media fans so much, that they demanded to see more of MJ’s story. We don’t know if she’ll be in the next season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians or not, but what we do know is that she’ll look flawless from now on, just like every other Kardashian.  

Kim’s new body foundation is available now. Make sure you get an extra one for your grandma as well.