Look Smart, Feel Smarter…With These 7 Smarterer Adulting Life Hacks

Posted on February 08, 2018

Removable V-Neck Cover

Do you have a stuffy dinner party to show face at before hitting the club but are left with no time to change outfits in between?

Materials needed:

Loose Joggers?

This technique also works for restringing hoodies!

Materials needed:

Quick Iron

Ain't no one got time to dig out the iron and ironing board. Get a neatly pressed collar in seconds with this flat ironing trick!

Materials needed:

Pilled Sweater?

Is your favorite sweater or jacket showing just how many laundry cycles it's gone through? Get rid of those pesky pills with a disposable razor!

Materials needed:

Discolored Jewelry?

Tip: to prevent discoloration from cheap jewelry transferring to your skin, coat the inside of your rings with clear nail polish.


Materials needed:

Easy Plastic Package Opener

Did you buy a pair of scissors only to find out you need that pair of scissors to open the package they came in? No more wrestling with (and potentially slicing your skin) trying to get those crazy plastic packages open with this clever hack!

Materials needed:

  • that plastic package that's more difficult to get into than Fort Knox
  • can opener

Blister-Free Footwear

Your Achilles tendon will thank you for this hack.

Materials needed: