Meet ‘Ravioli-Starfish’, The Twitter Icon Of Our Times

It’s summer again – which means it’s time for a new Twitter superstar to go viral and dominate our lives for the foreseeable future. Luckily, This year isn’t featuring a new pop star focused scandal or a political fiasco. This time, our resident superstar is actually a star, well, starfish… that looks suspiciously like a delicious Ravioli we’d like to eat. 

His name is Plinthaster dentatus, or if you want to call him by his street name, “The Spongivorous Cookie Star”. This newcomer has everybody talking on Twitter, especially some hungry users with a love for Italian cuisine. 

“The forbidden pasta”, “The ‘al dente star”, and “The Lovable Pocket” were all nicknames users suggested for the new superstar. Apparently, the starfish was discovered in 1884, and is actually quite dangerous if you try to take a bite. Thankfully, most people are too busy taking adorable pictures of it instead of cooking it in tomato sauce and basil. 

The Plinthaster dentatus is common in the southeastern U.S. coast, and can be found feasting on glass sponges. Now remember, if you see ‘The ‘al dente star’, don’t pick it up or touch it. Just marvel at it’s adorable appearance and leave it be. We don’t want to hurt the future generations of Pasta stars.