Must-Read Books For Your Summer Vacation

Every summer we make a list of books we’re planning on reading, and every summer we lose it somewhere and just binge-watch old episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy”. Well, it’s time to say enough and really focus on the books you actually want to read. Forget about book clubs and boring book store suggestions. This summer – you should only read what you want to read, and we have the perfect recommendations for you: 

Summer Reading List Suggestion #1 – City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert 

From the author of “Eat Pray Love” and “Big Magic” comes a new story about finding your voice, learning to be independent, and doing it all in a male dominated world. This book is a fast read filled with situations we’ve all been through before. A must read for every mom who needs to vent. 

Summer Reading List Suggestion #2 – Bonfire by Krysten Ritter 

From the phenomenal actress who plays Marvel’s kick ass private detective Jessica Jones, comes a surprising mystery filled with small town tension, disappearing friends, and a private lawyer who’s planning to uncover a deadly secret she was never meant to find. 

Summer Reading List Suggestion #3 The Life of Captain Marvel by Margaret Stohl

Who says women can’t read comic books? Especially when they’re this good. Read the origin story of Marvel’s biggest superhero – Captain Marvel. Find out about Carol Danvers’s family, her estranged relationship with her mother, and the power of acceptance. This is truly a must read.