Princess Diana’s Old Training Sweatshirt Sells For $53,500

If you were around the 80’s and 90’s, you know everything about the late Princess Diana. If you weren’t, let’s just say she used to be the biggest name in media right next to Madonna and Mother Teresa. Diana was known for her charitable work, her royal background, and her fashion sense. The Name Diana was synonymous with style and grace. This month, almost 22 years after her death, her wardrobe is still making headlines. 

Recently, one of her most iconic sweatshirt (yes, she reached iconic sweatshirt status), was auctioned off for charity for $53,500. A remarkable price tag for such an item. 

The proceeds went to help a Malawi family send their daughter to school. A truly worthy cause.

If you’re interested in more details about the sweatshirt, it was given to the late princess by Richard Branson, the Virgin Atlantic billionaire. She often wore the sweatshirt to workouts with her personal trainer Jenni Rivett, as a way to deflect the public’s attention towards her wardrobe and fashion choices. The paparazzi couldn’t sell her pictures in that sweatshirt for a high price, and Diana loved that. After a while, she could go around more freely with that sweatshirt, and avoid any unnecessary attention. 

When the training ended, Diana gave the sweatshirt to Rivett as a memento. Years later, Rivett donated the sweatshirt to charity, and it was able to sell and change a family’s life. We have no doubt that Diana would love the way that humorous sweatshirt changed lives. 

The new owner of the sweatshirt is an anonymous bidder from California.