The Secret Is Out: Discussing Flight Attendants Worst Passenger Pet Peeves

Even if you’ve never been on a plane before, you must have thought about working as a flight attendant. Flying all over the world, seeing new places every week essentially for free, working with people from all over the world, and experiencing cultures you wouldn’t have met otherwise. 

Yes, the lives of flight attendants can be glamorous, but most of the time they are too busy to enjoy it. We’ve talked with a few ex-flight attendants and asked them the secret question we’ve all been dying to ask: What is your biggest pet peeves from working on a plane all these years. The answers are as hilarious as you might expect. 

Pet Peeve #1: Passengers Who Used To Be Flight Attendants

As it turns out, ex flight attendants can be quite annoying sometimes. The insider information might have been true to the time they worked up in the sky, but regulations change all the time and what was once ok, isn’t necessarily accepted today. So instead of demanding items from the “secret menu”, just order your coffee and snacks like any other passenger (and be kind). 

Pet Peeve #2: Passengers Playing Video Games 

Sure video games are fun and distracting during a long flight, but according to a few flight attendants, the victorious roars from winning gamers can be quite alarming, especially during a red-eye. 

Pet Peeve #3: Over Apologizing 

Most flight attendants say that passengers who are aware of the tough job conditions on the plane, often apologize before requesting for something. Most flight attendants do their jobs happily, and will get you whatever it is you need without listening to your “I know how hard you work, but if your could please…” speeches. 

Pet Peeve #4: Passengers Who Watch New TV Episodes of Their Favorite Show

Yes, that is a BIG one. Most flight attendants don’t have a lot of time to catch up on new episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, and every time they pass by your seat they are on full spoiler alert mode. So next time be kind, watch old episodes of ‘Murder, She Wrote’ and save a flight attendant from spoilers.