This Woman Rented The Perfect Wedding Venue, And Then Her Pregnant Sister Tried To Take It From Her

She also ruined her graduation.

Even though parents want to give their children everything they can, sometimes it’s not the best idea. Because no matter what, people need to learn that you can’t always get what you want. A pregnant woman is learning that lesson a little too late, after her one ridiculous request tore her family apart.

The story was originally posted on Reddit, and some people couldn’t believe it was true. But based on the number of responses and updates, it’s pretty clear that the original poster wasn’t exaggerating.

Redditor paperweightfairy starts by saying that she and her husband-to-be have been together for a total of eight years. They’ve been engaged for the last three — but, have had a dream venue — which was booked solid for years — secured the entire time of the engagement.

They also stalled because she was busy finishing up her Ph.D. No matter what, they stayed strong during the waiting period. Their big day will finally happen in September 2019.

Paperweightfairy’s sister is also engaged. The engagement happened more recently, and she had tentatively decided to have a spring wedding next year. But, none of the planning had been made yet.

While at a family barbecue together, paperweightfairy’s sister announced she was pregnant.

Everyone seemed overjoyed by the news.

But of course, questions came up regarding her own future wedding. Family members asked her if the spring wedding was still a possibility, especially since there’d be a baby on the way.

The OP’s sister said that they were hoping to move the wedding up, so that she wouldn’t be showing as she walked down the aisle.

She said that the wedding would now be in September.

Some brides might freak out about sharing the wedding month with their sibling, but Paperweightfairy was cool about it.

“We don’t have many out of town [guests] so they could attend to both weddings no problem,” she wrote.

You’d assume that her sister’s wedding would also be very quick, and perhaps a celebration at a friend’s house. After all, September is very quickly approaching, and it takes a lot of time to plan a big wedding.

But then she had one big request.

And it’ll make you cringe.

In front of the family, paperweightfairy’s sister asked her if she could take her wedding venue. And no, she didn’t mean that she’d also get married there — remember, this place has been booked solid for three years.

Instead, she wanted to take over her sister’s entire wedding, which she had been planning for so long.

She put paperweightfairy on the spot.

And no, it wasn’t a joke. She legitimately thought she should take over her wedding.

“I really can not stress myself too much with [planning] a wedding while going to maternity classes,” her sister reportedly said. “And I think [the venue] is so beautiful! It would really mean a lot to me.”

For the record, maternity classes aren’t mandatory — they’re helpful, but they’re the type of thing you don’t change all of your plans around to attend.

Paperweightfairy said no.

It’s not just the venue. She also set up the catering and had everything planned.

Since the wedding is in September, she probably already sent out Save The Date’s and invitations. How confusing would it be for their guests? Especially the guests on the groom’s side?

Not much thought went into all of this. As expected, the OP’s sister was devastated that someone dared to say no to her. But then, something very strange happened.

Her parents backed her sister.

They agreed with paperweightfairy’s sister and said that paperweightfairy should have no problem parting with the venue.

“Nan told me that I was being selfish because she needed the venue more than I did,” Paperweightfairy wrote. “Dad said it is just a venue and what matters is the person who you are marrying.”

That’s true, yes — but it also negates all of the time, money, and effort that the OP put into making the day special for her and her husband-to-be.

Luckily, her future in-laws had some common sense.

They were furious over the strange demands.

Paperweightfairy stated that her future father-in-law “basically ripped my Mom a new one,” and also warned her that “they were going to lose me if they [kept] playing favorites.”

They’re likely equally as invested in this wedding, as they’d be watching their son get married. But the pregnant sister probably never thought about that.

Her parents threatened to not attend.

But based on how they sound, that might not be a bad thing.

In fact, it’d be a lot less stressful for Paperweightfairy if they didn’t show up. They just don’t sound like they have the capability to be proud of their other daughter. Probably because with the OP’s sister, a grandchild enters the situation.

But, someone did surprisingly support her, and it’s not who you may think of first.

The pregnant sister’s fiancé knew that the request was crazy.

He even told her before the barbecue that she shouldn’t ask.

But the sister went ahead with it anyway. Paperweightfairy had nothing but good to say about her future brother-in-law, so at least the two of them are on the same page.

“My BIL called me and apologized for the inconvenience,” she wrote. “He told me he had discussed it with my sister, and she had told him she would not ask. He is properly mad with her now.”

The sister made up a text message with the venue to trick the OP.

In it, she reportedly made it look like the contract was being changed.

Paperweightfairy translated it and said that it was a screencap between her sister and the venue contact. Of course, this is a ridiculous lie — but it still scared paperweightfairy,

If she and her husband’s name were on the original contract for the venue, they’d have to be present to make changes. A text message from an outside source wouldn’t change things up, which anyone who’s signed a contract before would know.

The pregnant sister also saw the story on the internet.

Since the story blew up — with support mostly going towards the OP — her sister ended up reading it.

“She said that I was being unfair,” she wrote. “That she is family and that she asked it nicely because she loves me. She also underlines the fact that the opinion of internet strangers doesn’t count because family is more important and I should focus on making my family happy.”

But what about paperweightfairy’s happiness?

Paperweightfairy’s brother said that he heard another version of the story.

Even though he wasn’t there, he still wanted to weigh in.

He was told that his sister offered to give up the venue even before the barbecue, which makes no sense.

“I told him what really happened and he had no problem believing me,” she wrote. “We talked a lot about our parents’ behavior and he confessed that him moving was partly due to our parents being, and I quote, sh*t heads to us.”

This wasn’t the first event that the OP’s sister had ruined.

She also wrecked her graduation.

In another post, paperweightfairy clarified that her sister caused a scene after her fiancé gave a speech about her many accomplishments. She got jealous of her sister’s success.

“My sister [absolutely] lost it,” she wrote, noting that her sister was immediately comforted by her parents. “I mean she screamed and cried like I had killed her cat.”

She also destroyed her graduation cake.

Not only was paperweightfairy told to “do a little speech mentioning the accomplishments” of her sister when it wasn’t even her party, but the OP didn’t even get to eat her cake.

It was an awkward moment as everyone saw her sister punch the cake.

“Everyone went silent,” paperweightfairy wrote. But her parents did the absolute wrong thing.

“My dad dragged my sister out without so much as apologizing. My mom just muttered ‘My poor baby.'” Can you believe that they’d let this behavior slide?

Now she might have to hire security.

She talked with the venue, and they were horrified over what happened.

They even offered to get her a security guard for a reduced price. It’s probably a good idea — if her sister is willing to ruin her graduation, just imagine what she might do at the wedding out of revenge.

It’s a shame it had to come to this, but that’s what wedding security is there for.

The story is a reminder that we don’t always owe things to our families.

And that’s especially true if they never seem to have your back.

Because her parents refused to see things from her point of view, now they’ll miss out on the chance to see her get married. Paperweightfairy canceled the catering that her parents had paid for just to completely cut them off from her big day.

And of course, her sister was removed from the wedding party and replaced with a supportive aunt. When you can’t find it in your heart to celebrate the successes of all of your children, you’ll end up missing out.

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