Watch: Giant Manta Ray Seeks Help From An Australian Surfer

The newest animal-human love story comes all the way from Western Australia, where a giant manta ray nicknamed ‘Freckles’, came to one of the surfers and asked for help. The footage shows the 10-foot creature attempting to get the attention of the surfer in a unique way. The surfer notices the friendly approach of the animal and realized the unique situation he was in. Upon examining the animal, the surfer found a fishing hook lodged next to its right eye. The surfer then removed the hook carefully, with great care for ‘Freckles’. 

A local surfer said to reporters that it was indeed a very rare occasion that a full-grown manta ray comes near a human and keeps by his side until he can spot the problem. According to the British biologist who documents the encounter, ‘Freckles’ was incredibly patient, and appeared to put a lot of faith in the surfer’s actions. 

The situation could have quickly turned south as the animal experienced the pain from extracting the hook, but ‘Freckles’ remained calm and still through the improvised operation. 

This story proves once again that the selfless actions of volunteers from all around the world to the betterment of sea life is actually doing good in the world. ‘Freckles’ knew that if she was in trouble, she could turn to humans for help, and that just puts a great smile on our faces.