We Need To Stop Plucking Out Grey Hair, And No, It’s Not A Myth

In the past few years, we’ve seen a huge change in styling and dealing with grey hair. What was once an embarrassing sign of growing older, has evolved into an empowering style choice that stands the test of timely trends, and became a strong fashion statement.

The days when you plucked grey hairs the moment you found them are gone. Today, people from all over the world are displaying their grey hair with pride, and reinventing themselves along with it. Grey hair has done its fair share of positive change in our lives, now’s the time to take care of it properly. 

First thing you need to do (especially if you don’t rock the full silver look), is to stop plucking your grey hair. When you remove silver hair strands from your head, especially around the top of your head, you are also ensuring that the next grey hair to come out will be frizzier, and we don’t want that. Instead, allow your grey hair to grow naturally, and if you choose, color it. Removing it would just make it stand out more in comparison to the rest of your hair. 

In the past, people thought that if you pluck one grey hair, five new ones will take its place. While the myth is false, the result is pretty real. Frizzier hair stands out more, and will most likely have a life of its own when you’re trying to style it.

So relax your little fingers, and think about it. Ask yourself: Does it really bother me? If the answer is yes, just color it. Where do you stand on Hot Pink?