When Mindfulness Meets Kids On Summer Vacation

The summer season has just begun, and if you’re dealing with kids all day long, it can become…challenging. While they’re busy finding new ways to entertain themselves by banging their elbows everywhere, or eating the messiest ice cream known to man, you’re busy trying to cope with it all. 

If you’re feeling defeated and tired, and we’re not even halfway through, maybe you should try these two simple mindfulness exercises with each kid. 

Activity #1- The Clouds As Our Thoughts 

A fun exercise to do with young children is to imagine as if the clouds in the sky are our thoughts. Point at a cloud and ask your kid to say what was he thinking when he saw the cloud. Was he excited? bored? sad? scared? Every cloud has its own emotion, but like all other clouds, they disappear after a few seconds. That is a great time to talk to your kid about the difference between our thoughts and ourselves. We can be scared, angry or annoyed, without it taking control of us. These feelings are just like clouds, they disappear over time, leaving our mind clear. 

Activity #2 – The Sparkle Jar 

Take a simple jar, pour some water into it and then add some glitter and food coloring. Close it carefully and then let your kid shake it around. The glitter will spread inside the jar and sparkle. After a few seconds, the glitter will fall to the bottom of the jar, and rest. Now is the time to talk with your kid about his thoughts. Just like the glitter in the jar, our thoughts can be crazy and all around the place, but if we’ll take a moment to relax and rest, they will eventually calm down and help us think more clearly.