Your Kid Is A Picky Eater? Then This Is What You Should Do

When you’re busy juggling between home maintenance and a career, every little problem can lead into a full blown war, especially when it comes to dinner time. Some children are not willing to try out new foods, and when you find yourself at the end of your wits with a crying kid and a full workday headache, you are not in a mood for a complicated fix. 

We’ve tried to come up with a few possible solutions to this problem. Now, it won’t be easy, but if you’ll try to make it work, these tips can really turn around the conversation from kicking and screaming to actual help in the kitchen.

Let Your Kids Do The Heavy Lifting 

When you’re out shopping with your kids, ask them what they think would make a good mid-week dinner. Give them a main ingredient (Like eggs), and ask them to come up with something that will go along with it. After they get over the gummy bear suggestions, you’ll find that with a little honesty, kids could really thrive and make good suggestions. Once they’re engaged, it can help you come up with a nutritious meal that has their mark on it. 

Pass The Broccoli 

We know, the B word is a horrible word during dinner time, but it doesn’t have to be. While eating family dinners together, pass the food dishes so that everyone takes a little something to add to their plate. The kids don’t have to eat it, just get used to seeing it on their plate. The child needs to get accustomed to seeing different types of foods and vegetables together. Over time, they will summon up the courage to taste the food, and who knows what can happen then.